Strategic Planning
• If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there.  But your Mission states clearly where you need to go, it's just that getting there can sometimes be difficult...  With  years of successful Strategic Planning both in the for profit and charitable worlds, Goodworld Consulting has mastered the art and science of developing and executing successful Strategic Plans.  Let Goodworld Consulting help map the road - milestones and all - that lead to great results!

• No Mission, no Money.  No Money, no Mission.  Goodworld Consulting has helped charities big and small achieve their fundraising goals with a unique combination of insight and experience.  Record results, on budget and on time.  And Goodworld Consulting understands both the for-profit mindset of metrics and ROI while helping you craft the philanthropic stories and strategies that draw donors to your organization!

Real Estate Support
• Is your lease coming up?  Or worried you're paying too much for your space?  Goodworld Consulting can help!  And through a partnership with one of Canada's premier real estate organizations, we are proudly and strictly client-focused.  Your needs are the only priority, and we have the experience and skills to be your one-stop-shop for everything from the move to office design!

Interim Assignments
• Whether your organization is seeking to cover a Maternity Leave or an unexpected vacancy or medical absence, Goodworld Consulting can help bridge the gap.  Our combination of experience and outstanding interpersonal expertise gives you the time you need to map out your plan and be strategic in finding the perfect fit, all while providing fresh eyes and fresh perspective in any key role!

Revenue Diversification
• The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different!  Sound familiar?  If so, Goodworld Consulting can help.  With years of experience delivering on a variety of revenue streams there's a world of ways to broaden your base, reduce your risk, and engage new donors.  And of course you don't spend nearly 20 years in the corporate world without learning the lingo and getting to know a few folks...

Staff & Organization Training
• Finding the time and affordable expertise to train staff on communications skills or any other core competency can be very difficult, but Goodworld Communications makes it easy.  Teams as small as three can benefit from our customized modules, ensuring we meet your needs and deliver meaningful, memorable learnings for everyone in your organization.

Partnership Development
• Looking to break through with that one key partner?  Or just looking to get a foot in the door with that prospect that looks like a perfect fit?  Goodworld Consulting has a proven ability to find new support from existing sources and to find the key contacts that can get your organization in front of the right decision-maker.

IT & Database Consultation
• Tired of Excel spreadsheets - or maybe you're using post-it notes?  Perhaps you've tried your own database creation: likely it sounded like a good idea at the time... Goodworld Consulting has overseen the development and launch of databases and IT management processes on time and on budget.  If you're ready to start using the data and contacts you have it's worth giving Goodworld Consulting a call!

Board Development
• With experience on both the President and CEO / Executive Director side and the Board Member side, Goodworld Consulting brings a clear, honest and productive voice to ensuring that your Board is exceeding the expectations of key stakeholders.  If you're ready to enhance the value your Board brings to the organization it supports, then Goodworld Consulting can help.

Mergers and Amalgamations
• Through leadership roles in for profit acquisitions and Board roles in charitable mergers, Goodworld Consulting has helped a variety of organizations find successful ways to grow their impact - and make the transition as smooth as possible.  If you're thinking of partnering in a whole new way you should talk to Goodworld Consulting first.

Program & Policy Development
• Perhaps your programs haven't been updated since Trudeau was in office, or maybe your HR manual is outdated... Or nonexistent!  Goodworld Consulting provides more than just the insights and resources to update your programs and policies: we create powerful tools that provide you with renewed focus and growth opportunities!

Marketing & Communications
• Wouldn't it be nice if more people knew about the amazing work your organization does?  Sadly it's not as easy as sending out a few more Media Releases!  Goodworld Consulting brings a wealth of consumer packaged goods experience to bear on the unique challenges faced by charities.  From concept to execution Goodworld Consulting can help shine a spotlight on your organization!