We Did
• Best-ever fundraising results - two consecutive years in a row for one organization
• Launched regional Annual Campaign which is now rolling-out nationally
• Secured pro-bono services worth well over $100,000 each for two separate organizations
• Helped lead delicate merger talks between two charities
• Wrote detailed, execution-focused Strategic Plans for multiple organizations
• Developed Case for Support and related campaign tools for successful campaigns
• Successfully implemented various databases and appropriate communications tools 
• Launched complete package of HR tools and "Total Rewards" policies on time and on budget

They Said
• He connected us with a leading business consulting firm, who is now providing their services in-kind. His willingness to jump in and offer his expertise and tremendous network of contacts has been a true gift

• His experience manifested in an instant rapport with the CEO, the entrepreneurs and the program staff. The man spoke everyone's language

• His knowledge of governance and expectations of Directors makes him a wonderful resource, and his understanding of both business and the not for profit sector makes him an excellent source of advice and support

• Jeff is a true people person and proven leader

• Capable of establishing and maintaining powerful connections with incredibly diverse audiences - rendering a ‘mission’ in terms specific to the audience in ways that inspire passion, drive and traction. And, he can also organize and lead operations groups through complexity and challenge, focusing on results

• Brings refreshing, energetic and focused leadership to any project

• The drive to achieve business results through an unprecedented focus on people development is nothing short of outstanding